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Company In Singapore

Applying the 12 Striking Off Conditions is necessary before companies are approved for strike off in Singapore. We will work on the business latest Financial Statement Accounts Reports and advice how to meet the Striking Off conditions. Our professional fee S$500 includes filing fee to Registrar.

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How Striking Off / Liquidation applications can be Successful?

We receive latest financial documents from you. We issue our recommendations to you after our review. We prepare the final striking off documents. Then submit application to ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority) for Striking Off.

We have 100% success of past striking off companies.Our policy is that no application for strike off is rejected due to not meeting any conditions laid down by law.
When you see us on Striking Off / Liquidation case, we advise you on how to meet the 12 conditions for Striking Off. Then we check and prepare the final strike off accounts that meets the law.

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12 Conditions for Striking Off, for you to do

  • has stop business operations.
  • has closed all bank accounts.
  • has cancelled the GST status with IRAS, If your company is GST registered.
  • has no court proceedings both inside or outside Singapore.
  • has no property assets and creditor liabilities.
  • does not owe any debts on taxation to IRAS.
  • has no outstanding ACRA summonses by any officers.
  • is not indebted to any other government departments.
  • must not have any unsettled ACRA summons.
  • must have the same records of strike off application as ACRA
  • has no outstanding mortgage charges in ACRA records.
  • must consent in writing to the striking off by all directors and majority shareholders.

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Procedure for applications to be approved

An application for Striking Off must be submitted to ACRA. The whole procedure takes about 5 months.
  • 14 days to process the application.
  •  “Striking off Notice” is sent to the company’s registered address, its directors, company secretary and shareholders, at their residential address, and to IRAS (Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore).
  • “Striking off Notice” is open for 1 month to allow for object to the striking-off application.
  •  a notification to strike off your company will appear in Government Gazette. It is open for 3 months for any interested person to raise an objection to the application.
  • a final notification by ACRA, stating that the company has been struck off the Register. This is the actual date that the company is struck off.
  • The whole striking off procedure takes about 5 months.

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