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You can now outsource your monthly Payroll from as low as S$12 per employee for 50 and above employees case. Contact us for a FREE Consultation now.

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AccraFile Payroll Services is responsive, professional and affordable for all Singapore companies. Our excellent trusted client relationship is the reason why we are in this business for 25 years.

Our competitive advantages include using the latest internet technology software and experience productivity workforce.

Our payroll outsourcing manages payroll processing, payroll disbursement arrangements, e-pay slips, statutory contributions, e-leave management and employees’ expense reimbursement.

How Our Payroll Services Can Help You?

Payroll Service uses online software to calculate actual salaries and statutory tax deductions; then make the payments to your
employees and regulatory authorities.

  • Enter overtime hours, bonus, sales commission, expense claims and deductions.
  • Enter start dates of new hires and or enter the last day of services of resigned employees.
  • The system is compliance to Singapore Employment Act – statutory terms, requirements and contributions.
  • Employers can link our leave and expense claim products to payroll services.

Process pay to employees and local statutory authorities on scheduled time

  • Provide a list of employees’ payroll summary; net-pay amounts for your approval; then pay salaries to employees.
  • Compute Leaver’s pay upon termination of service and arrange settlement on your behalf.
  • e-Submission of your files to The Central Provident Fund (CPF) and Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS)
  • Expense Claims for NS Men Make-up Pay, Maternity and Child Care from local authorities.

Calculate final payment upon termination of employees

  • Enter the last date of work and system calculates his final pay which may include Earned Annual Leave Balance.

Preparation of annual income Tax Forms to employees and IRAS

  • Softcopy of IR8A Forms is to distribute to all employees’ emails by 28 January each year before e-submission to IRAS.
  • We prepare and report the employees’ earnings (IR8A, Appendix 8A, Appendix 8B and IR8S – for those employed in Singapore) to Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) by 1 March each year.

What Do You Need To Do?

Every pay cycle, you need to do these

  1. Send email instructions to us on payroll changes; new hirer and resigned employees.
  2. Approve our monthly payroll list, bank transfer letter and summary reports.

Benefits of a Payroll Services

  1. You have more productive and revenue generating activities, as you have more time to do what you are great.
  2. Payroll Service relieves you from the administrative burden of tedious and time- consuming tasks.
  3. You enjoy real-time management detailed reports.
  4. You can view and review all excessive overtime and expense claims to reduce operating costs.
  5. You may share stories on the new hire and resigned employees to design training and career paths.
  6. Even international Regional Asia Pacific Group of companies can enjoy our benefits.

Outsource Your Payroll Now