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Secretarial Services

Secretarial Services are performed by the Company Secretary. His duties include updating of Register books and prepare Resolutions. Our professional fee is S$288 for first 12 months. In addition, you will also able to have the full records of your Secretarial files from our FREE Online Secretarial Software.

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Company Secretarial Services at S$ 288/ year

Company Secretary

Singapore Companies Act states that every company is required to appoint a Company Secretary within 6 months of incorporation of the Singapore Pte Limited Company. The Company Secretary who performs the legal requirement for Singapore registered companies must be an ordinary resident of Singapore.

Reasons our clients choose us as their Company Secretary?

  1. We are Singapore Citizen resident in Singapore.
  2. We have 25 years of experience in management of secretarial services in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore offices.
  3. We are trusted to take care of Company Secretary's Duties.
  4. Our attractive fee of S$360 as named Company Secretary. However our current promotion allows you enjoy a Special Fee of S$288 for first 12 months now.
  5. We give you free access 24/7 to your virtual secretarial register book, board resolutions, minutes and AGM documents.

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As nominee Company secretary of your company, we are responsible to take care for you, the duties of Company Secretary, while you manage your business.

Statutory Registers Books

Statutory registers with all changes of the company are to be properly established and maintained.

  • Appointments of officers – directors, auditors, secretaries and managers
  • Resignation or death of officers- directors, auditors, secretaries and managers
  • Issuing and transferring of shares among shareholders
  • Recording movements of charges and debentures of the company
  • Filing signed board resolutions and AGM, EGM minutes

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Filing to ACRA all Changes in Statutory Board

Filling changes to ACRA within the prescribed time allowed on:

  • Appointments/resignations/deaths of any officers
  • Filing of annual returns before due date
  • New Company name change to be approved and filed
  • Changes of Memorandum & Articles of Associations
  • Allotment of new shares and transfer of shares
  • Charges to be filed and updated with ACRA

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Board of Directors Meetings

  • Prepare Directors’ Circular Resolutions
  • Preparation of agenda with Chief Executive and maintaining minute books
  • Attending meetings and taking minutes
  • Certifying copies of minutes
  • Provide professional legal advisory regarding Companies act

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Annual General Meetings

  • Collecting audited or non-audited financial reports for circulation to shareholders
  • Preparing the agenda of meetings, attending of meetings and taking minutes
  • Make sure correct procedures are followed
  • Filing of Annual Return to ACRA

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Corporate Seal

  • Company seal is to be kept safely and its proper use as spelt in the company Memorandum & Articles of Associations.

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Compliance before due dates

  • ACRAFile will inform you two months before due date on filing Annual Returns.

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